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GIADA Suzhou jiuGuang Shopping mall boutique,4*1 55inch 3.5mm bezel LG IPS LED

Apr 01, 2016

Suzhou Jiuguang officially opened on 16 January 2009, floor area of 17, 000 square meters, sleever International Group Co., Ltd. following the Shanghai long after the second home in domestic construction of, is currently the Suzhou's largest department store. It enjoys geographical advantages, high consumption is located in the prime location, convenient transportation. There are currently more than 500 brands have been stationed in Suzhou long light (of which more than 100 brand first entered the market in Suzhou, some of them are the first to enter the Chinese market), together with a number of international brands, proudly stationed in Suzhou Industrial Park, Times Square, Suzhou into fashion charm, the inrush current luxurious life inspiration.

This is another masterpiece for Giada group Suzhou city branch boutique. With 4x1 array, 55” 3.5mm LG IPS video wall panel, Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd provide several such projects for its China and global branch boutiques.
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