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DDW Afersales General Rules

1.Our technical engineer responsible for LCD Video Wall system installation, commissioning. Offering a venue for on-site equipment on the system operation, maintenance and precautions and provide specialized training and guidance for the technicians from the users. Implementation of turnkey services for users.

2.All products sold from DDW will be offered one-year free maintenance, warranty period for free replacement of artificially damaged parts.

3.After warranty period, we provide lifetime maintenance services, spare parts costs are be charged based on actual cost.

4.DDW has a complete parts library, a technical service &maintenance centers, can provide 7x24-hour hotline service, 24 hours a day to technical &services.

5. In response time, When the client's system has abnormal situations, we will provide on-line or hotline technical support mmediately to help customers solve problems and proposed rehabilitation plan; For the scene maintenance, after receipt repair information ,engineers will go the onsite first.

6.Backup emergency services, if the equipment failure after the repair can not be ruled out, we will provide no less than faulty equipment specification model grade backup equipment for use until the faulty equipment repair.

7.To build customer return visit system, a dedicated after-sales service engineers will pay a return visit to the customers by phone to ask the usage of control system on a regular.

8.Accroding the customer needs, we provide system maintenance services once every six months.

9.To safeguard the smooth progress of the task, in case of important tasks, may send for the engineers provide on-site technical support. 

DDW and our Resellers are available to support you in a number of ways. If you have a question or encounter a problem with your product, your first point-of-contact should be your authorized DDW Reseller.

In the event you need to contact DDW directly, our support technicians are available via phone or email.

When you contact DDW support, please have the following information ready:

• Your name and contact info(Tel,email,TM)

• Your company's name 

• Product Model & Serial number 

• Detailed description of the issue/problem

Our service call: 0086-755-23229716

Service email: support@ddw.net